Mozart's "The Magic Flute" is the most often performed opera. We can't ignore the statistics. In this he chose one instrument as the most powerful artefact of MAGIC. The flute on its own can move people from reality to a magical world.

Mozart's use of music as a symbol for magical transformation has always moved me. I believe that music is a mirror which allows us to see our own unfettered feelings. During my concerts I encourage you to take a deep look at yourself and to take further steps in your life.
By this particular act of self-recognition our longings, desires, ideas, joys - things that define our humanity - we are able to create a better world.



Enter a new musical dimension. Get to know a language that has been moving millions for hundreds of years.

Classical music needs new concert formats and the interACTIVE project is my answer. I want my concerts to be accessible to everyone and free of prejudice, providing nourishment for souls that crave meaningful experiences. My concerts are designed as an ACTIVE platform for exchange of human expirience. I want people to learn more about themselfs through the beauty of music.

Don't wait! Find out more about interACTIVE and how to acquire an innovative perspective of classical music concerts.

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If you are interested in cooperating or would like to know more details about my performance repertoire and artistic activities, please contact me.